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Duterte – Venancia Duterte-Suarez


Cebu, Philippines

Bernardo Duterte

=Dominga Guzman

Francisco Duterte (1798-   ) mestizo Español in Baptismal certification

–=(1821) Romualda Fulgencia (       ) mestiza Sangley in Marriage certification

—-Venancia Duterte (   -1892 San Fernando)

—-=Guillermo Suarez (   -1868? San Fernando) pDn: Jose Guillermo

—-Nicasia Duterte

—-=(1854) Paulino Algar

—-Leon Duterte (1827-

—-=(1850) Modesta Pañares Lara (       ) pDn: Modesta Ma.

—-Teresa Duterte


—-=2(1855) Guillermo Pañares Lara

—-Juliana Duterte

—-=(1849) Alejandro Manguera Pañares (       ) pDn: Alejandro Apolinario


Five Generations

—-Venancia Duterte (   -1892 San Fernando)

—-=Guillermo Suarez (   -1868? San Fernando) pDn: Jose Guillermo

——Jose Suarez

——=1) Filomena Ponce

——–Maria Suarez (calc. 1861-1944 Carcar)

=(1880) Amando Sanchez Villarosa (calc. 1858-1927 Carcar)

——–Francisco Suarez (1862-

——=2) Braulia Ramas

——–Filomena Suarez (1871-

——–Paterio Suarez (1873-

——–Vicente Suarez (1874-

=(1911) Marcela Sanchez Villarosa (1880-

——Justo Suarez

——=(1862) Felipa Quejano Papas

——–Cresencio Suarez (1864-

——–Teodorica Suarez (1866-

——–Soledad Suarez (1868-

=(1888) Nemesio Villarta Librea

——–Petronilo Suarez (1870-

——–Honoria Suarez (1872-

=Vicente Ramas Tolentino

——–Guillermo Suarez (1874-

——–Querico Suarez (1875-

——–Maximo Suarez (1877-

——–Vicente Suarez (1879-

——–Cornelia Suarez (1882—1947)

=Dalmacio Ramas Canonigo (1879-1948)

——–Alberto Suarez (1886-

=Magdalena Tabada

——Trinidad Suarez (1839-   ) pDn: Maria de la Trinidad

——=Valentin Najarro Rabor (b. Cebu City-1912)

——–Leoncio Rabor

=Guadalupe Solon Duterte

——–Ambrosia Rabor (   -1926)

=Marcelo Papas

——Francisco Suarez (1841-   ) pDn: Francisco Silverio

——=(1861) Barbara Langui Quiachon (   -1905)

——–Fernanda Suarez (1862-

=Evaristo Najarro Rabor

——–Roman Suarez (   -1905)

=Salustriana Dacalos (       ) AKA Justiniana

——–(Insiang) Suarez

=_____ Recillo

——–Andres Suarez

——–Leona Suarez

=Crispin Manugas

——–Eugenia Suarez

Feliza Suarez (   -1913)

——Felix Suarez (1843-   ) pDn: Felix de los Santos

——=Carolina Pañares Bartido (1858-

——–Mamerta Suarez (1880-

——–Francisca Suarez (1882-

——–Juana Suarez (1883-

——–Fulgencio Suarez (1886-

——–Teofilo Suarez

=Gervasia Mancao Tanudtanud

——–Julian Suarez

=Irene Navales

——–Paulino Suarez

=Agatona del Socorro

——–Aleja Suarez

=Antolin Frias

——–Marcosa Suarez

=Emeliano Sayson

——–Teofilo Suarez

——–Demetria Suarez

=Marciano Villareal Mendiola

——–Juanita Suarez

=_____ Galeos

——–Celso Suarez

——Felipa Suarez (1845-   ) pDn: Felipa Duterte

——=Ramon Felimon Cuico (   -1918)

——–Antonio Cuyco (   -1889)

——–Juliana Cuico

=1(Valentin Silva)

=(1911) Juan Estacio? Sapitula

——–Miguel Cuyco (1876-1877)

——–Vicenta Cuico (1883-1884)

——–Margarita Cuico (1885-1885)

——–Filomeno Cuico (1887-1887)

——–Maria Cuico (1888-

——–Marcial Cuico (1891-1981) buried Carcar, Cebu

=(1911) Hermenegilda Panon Canaya (1895-1973) buried Carcar, Cebu

——Prudencia Suarez (1847-   ) pDn: Prudencia Josefa

——=Escolastico Rosales Duterte (   -1928)

——–Segunda Duterte (   -1940)

=Remberto Alburo Roa

——–Filomeno Duterte

=Vidala Solon (1874-1969)

——–Filecula Duterte

=Joaquin Rias Papas

——Pablo Suarez (1849-   ) pDn: Pablo Jose

——=(1870)Ciriaca Alia Sasil

——–Daniel Suarez (1874-

——–Felix Suarez

=Juana Taperla Canoy

——–Romana Suarez (1879-

——–Silvino Suarez (1881-

——–Epifania Suarez

——–Rufina Suarez

——–(Enyong) Suarez

——–Victorio Suarez

——2) Ysabel Salazar Sabayton

——–Regino Suarez (1889-

——–Celedonia Suarez (1891-

——–Roman Suarez (1896-1974)

=Januaria Paradela Baricuatro (1900-1991)

——–Celestina Suarez (   -1909)

——Ramona Suarez (calc. 1851-


——–Victoria Suarez

=Agripino Sasil Tapia

——2) Numeriano Salamoren Gerasta

——–Gliceria Gerasta

=Primo Sasil Tapia

———-Mercedes Tapia (1897 San Fernando-1980 Cebu City) buried Carcar, Cebu

=Porfirio Castillo Yap (1882 CC-1971 CC) buried Carcar, Cebu

————Trinidad Yap (1928-2008)

=(1951) Peary Gumersindo de Veyra Aleonar (1926-2004 CC)

——–Florencio Gerasta (1880-1959)

=1) Anselma Son Noel

=2) Valentina Denzo

——–Honoria Gerasta (1881-1970) Macaria (bapt)

=1) Marcelo Generalao Bamboa

=2) Loreto Genilsa Villariasa (1884-1970)

——–Cristina Gerasta (1885-1964)

=Alberto Enad Aguilar (1885-1963)

——–Luisa Gerasta (1889-

=Telesforo Cania Paradela (1888-

——–Alejandro Gerasta (1891-1986)

=Dolores Gonzalez Veloso (1892-1980)

——–Consolacion Gerasta (1893-1950)

=Juan Jabonero Llanto (1894-1944)

Ramona Suarez (front center) with sons Florencio and Alejandro and behind daughters: Gliceria (Tapia), Cristina (Aguilar) and Luisa (Paradela). Not in the photo is Victoria (Tapia), Honoria (Villariasa) and Consolacion (Llanto).

(family tree and page under reconstruction)



1. Victor Suarez - June 14, 2010

Just would like to inform you that Papas are also relatives. My Grandmother is from San Fernando Cebu. Her name is Dominga Suarez. We’re now residing here in Caloocan City and in our same place here my father met somebody from San Fernando whose family name is Papas that’s why they were able to trace their roots and discovered they’re relatives. The name is Norma Papas and Raymond Papas.

vip - June 14, 2010

@victor, if san fernando, there is a very high possibility we are really relatives. would you know the date of birth of dominga suarez, other brothers/sisters of hers. i think i answered you somewhere else that i just do not have a record for dominga suarez but those data i asked above may help us. would your father have any idea who dominga’s parents were since her parents are only his grandparents? keep in touch.

2. Victor Suarez - June 15, 2010

Unfortunately @vip I could no longer ask my father he passed away about 7 years ago. But when he’s still alive he’d relate to us that they have lots of relatives there in San Fernando. My father has two sisters; Tia Meding who now resides in Cubao Q.C and Tia Lita in Dasmariñas Cavite. My father told us that they also have relatives in Iligan City particularly in the place called Suarez he even lived there for a while in a relative named Simiong Suarez. I can ask my Tia Meding about their grandparents. I’ll also ask about the date of birth of my Lola Dominga. Thank you so much @vip i’m really glad knowing you. Your right there is really a great probability that we’re relatives.

3. junji - September 27, 2010

Hi I guess we are also related Bernardo Duterte was my 5X maternal grandfather this site http://malaza.net/ftree/ancestry.php?show_full=1&show_cousins=0&rootid=I1&box_width=100&chart_style=0&PEDIGREE_GENERATIONS=10 was dedicated to documenting my father’s side ancestry since we do have a lot of info on it, unlike the Dutertes. Inadvertently I have more info on the Dutertes rather than on my father’s.

If I am not mistaken originally the Dutertes were from France, the were members of the French nobility they came out as nobles between the 12th or early 13th century France, as for what type of noble I am stumped. I was only informed that we are descended from European Nobles.

I am glad that you have years, I know one of my mother’s cousin did a thorough search on the birthdays of our ancestors but I do not know which of her cousins has the copy.

If it is possible if someone could trace our Duterte family crest.

MY great grandmother is Honoria Suarez, of which my mother is named after. Hope you can give me a ring someday do you have a sun cell #.

FYI, I am working as a web designer and that involves a lot of wordpress sites among them maybe we can collaborative on some level someday.

4. junji - September 27, 2010

@victor if you say papas is your relative then we are also relatives. Fausto “Justo” Suarez is my Great-great grandfather who married Felipa Papas

5. vip - September 28, 2010

the fausto appears in the first family tree prepared by isidro duterte but i can only “pontificate” it must have been based purely on family memory, especially if that involves concluding that justo (or usto) must have been just a nickname, a familial diminutive for another name, which, ergo, must be fausto. i say that because all records in naga called him justo although i did not find his own baptismal record that’s why i suspect he and older brother jose were born in cebu city.

junji - September 28, 2010

Hmmm… I’m going to have to get back on that, I think I have the really large family tree, but I can’t seem to find it right now.

I have a family tree software here on my local machine, I guess I’m going to have to recreate the family tree that I did last year and dedicate it for the duterte, you have a more comprehensive record the only baptismal that I have is from Francisco Duterte and its a bad photocopy. Would you be interested in helping me with adding the entries online?

Is it still possible to photograph the baptismals again and compile a digital copy, I guess I am wishful thinking right now I don’t think I have the pleasure of doing all of this.

6. junji - September 28, 2010
7. junji - September 28, 2010

@VIP FYI, Lolo Justo’s real name is Fausto; Fausto ‘Justo’ Suarez. I am saying so because its what it says on my copy of the family tree. However, I am wondering if you have a copy of his Birth Certificate from the church, if it only says Justo then his nick could be Fausto, please let me know that I may correct what is wrong.

8. junji - September 28, 2010

I’m trying to incorporate what you have here to what I have just a question what is pDn: Jose Guillermo or the pDn mean, is this something of a title like Don Jose?

junji - September 28, 2010

and here is more —-Teresa Duterte


what does pnc stand for? Would it be possible to meet you whenever you are in Cebu? Currently I work in Cebu City and my residence is in Lapu-lapu

vip - September 29, 2010

sorry, in my very first trees i included a legend for the meanings of the abbreviations i use. pDn means pre-Decree (Claveria) name. Before the spaniards distributed the surnames to indio (native) and mestizo sangley (chinese-descended) families, our people used two names but none a surname, a surname being one which goes down from generation to the next. thus, jose guillermo later on became the guillermo suarez. this also answers your question about the pañarés being portuguese. if the family had been portuguese, they would have been already carrying the surname, but since records show they were not using surnames means they too were indios. dutertes, being mestizo español were already using duterte as a surname. there were exception indios who were using surnames for some generations, however, and they were allowed to retain those surnames.

pnc means padre no conocido (father not known), a formula used to record an illegitimate child, and as such he or she would be then using only the surname of his or her mother. every philippine genealogist should be familiar with the term padre no conocido and this was still in use here even up to wwii even if the form was already in english.

9. junji - September 28, 2010

how are they related

(1850) Modesta Pañares Lara ( ) pDn: Modesta Ma.

(1855) Guillermo Pañares Lara

(1849) Alejandro Manguera Pañares ( ) pDn: Alejandro Apolinario

I was told that the original or Alejandro was Portuguese or the first one

10. junji - September 29, 2010

great info and excellent advice this is going to be a lot of work, I guess I’ll do this over the weekend, since there is a lot of notes to write.

I should write those info on every individual where the pnc and pDn appears or applies.

the next thing that I need is to find evidence that the Duterte were Spanish not French, the issue is on the Birth Certificates it says mestizo Español, but most of the old folks insists that they were French. I also went to a website that researches on old European surnames and they still end up with French.

Should that also make Dominga Guzman an indio also. I should would like to add that to the notes.

I was wondering if you have copies of those certificates, if not maybe you could help direct me later on which church to go to and dig up and scan the original document. I was planning to upload those images/certificates on the site, in the future. I hope I will have time.

What is your full name, how may I cite you with your help and contribution? If you are here in Cebu you may text me thru Sun# 0922-530-1449 TM#0906-766-6636.

When there is the pnc like here:

——Ramona Suarez (calc. 1851-


does this mean that Ramona is an illegitimate, another one:

—-Teresa Duterte


—-=(1855) Guillermo Pañares Lara

vip - September 30, 2010

re spanish or french, if the records say mestizo español, then they’re mestizo español otherwise the record would have said mestizo francés, because this is an official racial classification. i don’t understand how we can insist on this french origin when most of the old dutertes don’t even know who was the starting person or persons. (we should be able to say so-and-so duterte who came to the philippines, was french.) but whether the entire duterte family in spain came from france is another thing, like the entire silva family of spain apparently all originated in portugal but once they were born in spain, became spanish. it’s even possible that the entire duterte family of france actually originated from spain, too, because it sounds like a basque name, although there is a french basque and a spanish basque, but at that time they knew no national boundaries save for the basque nation.

my family tree here is line by line, so ramona suarez is a daughter of the couple indented before her and her siblings. the pnc would be the father of her child. the same is true with teresa duterte.

11. Carmela Frias - November 27, 2010

@VIP Hello, how did you do this? I am Antolin Frias’ great great granddaughter. I’ve been wondering where his grave is. Would it be too much of a bother if I asked of my family history? I am 18 and very curious. =)

vip - November 27, 2010

i wondered about the location, too. it could either be the agustinian burial crypts at santo niño or the one at the san agustin church in manila.

12. junji - November 29, 2010

I just realized that the records that I have of Justo Suarez’s children are missing, I have added what I do not have. But there is one that I think is the same and I think it was her nickname ‘Coning’

and I do not have this on record
——–Cornelia Suarez (1882—1947)

=Dalmacio Ramas Canonigo (1879-1948)

Is she Cornelia and Coning one and the same you can view the list here:


I know it has almost been two months since I last touched the site, I just have not found time to keep adjusting.

13. vip - December 13, 2010

yes, coning is cornelia

14. Silvino Suarez Jr. - January 1, 2011

hi My great grand father is Andres Suarez live@ Batangas. We are in calapan orriental mindoro my grand father is Fernando Suarez

junji - January 5, 2011

do you have the names of your grandfather’s siblings along with your mom, so that I can add it here; http://duterte.malaza.net/treenav.php?ged=bernardo_duterte&rootid=

just click and drag on the tree

15. junji - January 5, 2011

under Felix Suarez + Carolina Pañares Bartido there is another entry for Teofilo Suarez is this an error? Or, is there another Teofilo?


16. Brenda Mendoza Crider - September 25, 2011

My grandfather’s name is Isidro Duterte and my mother’s name is Gertrudes Duterte Mendoza. I believe Isidro Duterte died before 1961. I knew he died while we still lived in the Philippines!

17. Almino T Malaza - January 22, 2013

Hi Vip, its been awhile, how are you? A thought came to me on Guillermo Suarez, was he born Jose Guillermo and later given that Suarez surname by Spanish authorities. Do Spaniards just give surnames out like that without any guidelines or reason to.


vip - January 22, 2013

unless i find the record for that, i can’t say what guillermo was born or baptized with what name. but jose guillermo is how he was identified in the naga records before the claveria decree. i haven’t pored over naga more closely if the suarez family were natives there or it was just guillermo who transferred there probably together with venancia.

18. Victor Z. Suarez - February 26, 2013

Hi Vip, Here’s what you’re askinh me the first time we got in touched here about information on my Granmother like parents, brothers and sisters and date of birth. My Grandmother’s name is Dominga Suarez from San Isidro de Labrador San Fernado Cebu. She was born on may 15, 1911. Her parents are Domingo Suarez and Fylomina Suarez. Her brothers and sisters are Pedro Suarez, Bundoy Suarez, Roman Suarez and Inyang Suarez.. Roman Suarez got a daughter named lanie Suarez Medina and the other one Soledad Suarez Genebrando got married to certain Mayor Genebrando. Thanks

19. reymond - July 6, 2014

Do you know any Suarez family from Talisay City, Cebu that had a house maid 18 years ago and the son of the said family had a relationship with their housemaid. Im the son of that man. the name of the house maid was Gina, i dont know the surname. She is my biological mother. She’s from Iligan City. My name is Reymond, their son. Ive never seen her since she had given me to my adoptive parents.

20. Felix Norkey W.Sasil - July 20, 2014

How About Ciriaca Sasil? I’m from Cagayan de oro but my lolo is Deloy Sasil from sanfernando cebu

ramon gazo cuyco - September 14, 2014

i wonder if anyone can help us trace the origin of lazaro cuyco the father of my grandfather=melecio g. cuyco. Lazaro Cuyco was one the first Presidentes (what the mayors now were then called) and his son Melecio was also an elected Presidente of our town–Lavezares, in Northern Samar. We were told that our forebears originated from somewhere in Pampanga where there are plenty of Cuyco. Also, how did the Cuyco became part of the Duterte-Suarez clan? Thank you. –Ramon G. Cuyco, esq.

vip - September 14, 2014

as you can see, during the 1870s, although pronounced like cuico, the surname was spelled as cuyco. Along with names like ygnacio, ysabel, cuy, etc. as you can see also, in the 1880s the spelling became cuico and it is so spelled up to the present. The cuico/cuyco of carcar were mestizos sangleys (chinese descent) from parian, then an independent town and parish but after a power struggle with church officials, later assimilated to adjoining cebu city.

21. Christine Naysh Suarez - March 7, 2015

:’v Im a Suarez too…

22. Vic Suarez Cortes - March 10, 2015

My grandfather was Estanislao Suarez originally from Naga,Cebu and resided in Mulao, Compostela. His wife is Rosario Reynes. I’m interested to trace my roots of Suarez clan. Please provide any info. Thanks.

vip - March 10, 2015

i have an estanislao suarez son of vicente suarez son of justo suarez and felipa quejano papas. did your grandfather have a brother godofredo suarez? that’s the only lead i have. the information was just given to me by another contributor and i don’t even have vicente’s wife, estanislao’s mother. maybe if this is the same estanislao you may know his mother, or at least estanislao’s middle name and add to our file?

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