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Duterte – 5. Juliana Duterte-Pañares


Cebu, Philippines


Bernardo Duterte

=Dominga Guzman

Francisco Duterte (1798-   ) mestizo Español in Baptismal certification

–=(1821) Romualda Fulgencia (       ) mestiza Sangley in Marriage certification

—-Venancia Duterte (   -1892 San Fernando)

=Guillermo Suarez (   -1868? San Fernando) pDn: Jose Guillermo

—-Nicasia Duterte

=(1854) Paulino Algar

—-Leon Duterte (1827-

=(1850) Modesta Pañares Lara (       ) pDn: Modesta Ma.

—-Teresa Duterte


=2(1855) Guillermo Pañares Lara

—-Juliana Duterte

=(1849) Alejandro Manguera Pañares (       ) pDn: Alejandro Apolinario


Five Generations


Juliana Duterte

=(1849) Alejandro Manguera Pañares (       ) pDn: Alejandro Apolinario

Mariano Pañares (1849-1911) pDn: Mariano Alejandro

–=Juliana Flores Paras (1838-1922)

—-Delfin Pañares (   -1880)

—-Guillermo Pañares (   -1876)

—-Marta Pañares (1877-1878)

—-Bartolome Pañares (1880-1966)

=Manuela Villaflor (1886-1952)

Pablo Pañares

–=(1870) Nicolasa Mrtinez de Gracia

—-Catalino Pañares (1871-

—-Daniel Pañares (1874-

—-Manuel Pañares (1875-

—-Leonarda Pañares (1876-

—-Pedro Pañares (1879-

=Macaria Veloso

—-Josefa Pañares (1883-

—-Crisanta Pañares (1885-

=Vicente Lara Canonigo

—-Teopisto Pañares (1886-

—-Ricardo Pañares

—-Paciencia Pañares

=Bartolome Manubag

—-Pilar Pañares

—-Josefina Pañares

—-(Inday) Pañares

—-Bernardo Pañares

=_____ Bartolabac

—-Jose Pañares

=Paz Aguilar

—-Agustin Pañares

=1) Adriana Ramas Tolentino

=2) Maria Crisostomo

—-Centay Pañares

=Fortunato Tecson

Timotea Pañares

–=(1870) Bernardo Alfajardo Manubag

—-Pediong Manubag

—-Candida Manubag

—-Sergio Manubag

—-Gaudioso Manubag

Ruperta Pañares

–=(1873) Cipriano Dicta Corro

—-Pampilar Corro

=Felimon Chiong

—-Primo Corro (1880-

=Ating Andaya

—-Ciriaca Corro (1884-

Tecla Pañares (1856-


—-Ireneo Pañares (1876-

–=2(1882) Antero Alivango de Gracia

—-Juan de Gracia

—-Pacio de Gracia

—-Pacing de Gracia

Florencia Pañares (1858-


—-Gervacia Pañares (1880-

—-Maria Pañares (1883-

Jacoba Pañares (1860-

–=(1883) Agustin Barut



Guillerma Pañares (1862-

–=(1885) Isaac Barruel Canillo

Quirina Pañares (1864-

–=(1882) Gitulio Quiñnes

—-Vicente Quiñones (   -1893)

Francisco Pañares (1866-

Teresa Pañares (1868-

Tranquilina Pañares (1870-

–=Alejandro Canonigo

—-Tranquilina Canonigo (Jr)

=Marcelino Alia

—-Narciso Canonigo

=Olimpia Lapesigue

—-Emegdio Canonigo

=Consolacion Bautista

—-Alfonso Canonigo

=Maria Bacaltos

Luisa Pañares

–=Monton Encabo

—-Eutiquio Encabo

=Lucia Manubag

—-Felix Encabo

=Rafaela Lapis

—-Pedro Encabo

=_____ de Goma

—-Manasay Encabo

=Tomas Basalo

—-Natividad Encabo

=Buenaventura Mangila

—-Juana Encabo

=Nicolas Ubas

—-Pablo Encabo

Irenea Pañares

–=Botoy Pansoy

—-Bensiong Pansoy

—-Victor Pansoy

—-Pina Pansoy



1. Pricilla Rocamora - April 6, 2010

Mangutana ko sa akong papa sa uban pang names sa mga anak ni Don Bartolome Panares to add on your list. Thanks for sharing this. I love watching Ancestor in the Attic here in Canada at the History Channel. It is about tracing family roots back from Europe or any other countries where these Canadian originated. Looking back of their ancestor and able to find and meet remaining relatives was so amazing. I love watching it and even had a tears.

2. tonettepanares@yahoo.com - June 28, 2010

2. Manuel Fernandez Panares, visual artist, painter — June 28, 2010

I have found my name circa 1875, and my grandfather is Bernardo Panares of Naga married to ______ Bartolabac My father, Alfonso Bartolabac Panares born June 14, 1911 married to Albina Abogado Fernandez of Borongan Samar.
My father, Alfonso became a hunter’s guide to the Custom House Administrator, a black American, named James Keep in Buhisan where his father, Bernardo worked as the 1st caretaker of the newly built Buhisan Dam, a successful water system that brought water to Cebu City, its water squirting water at the Founte Osmena Fountain,. My father Alfonso B. Panares started working at the Cebu Custom house at age 17 and retired as a Custom Collector in Davao in 1979.

I hope ther are others who could shed light on more details. I could not even remember my grandmother surnamed Bartolabac.

vip - June 28, 2010

the source of my file for your family tree is a blueprint copy of a Juliana Duterte-Alejandro Pañares family tree with the attestation of Engr. Alfonso Pañares Canonigo, Dr. Felimon Sasuman Duter and Salvador Pañares Encabo who were all connected then with the Apocemco. Not appearing in the family tree on this post but appears in the Pañares blueprint were children of Bernardo namely Pilar, Ponso, Charing, Rosario, Isiong. I was asking around for who can continue this family tree for the pañares but no takers yet.

vip - July 3, 2010

the easiest way to get the name of your bartolabac grandmother would be the birth record in 14-jun-1911 of your father in the civil registrar (naga?) or, his baptism record sometime after his birth. in the baptism even your father’s paternal and maternal grandparents would possibly be there, too.

Pablito Mante - August 27, 2014

Alfonso Panares is the youngest of the siblings in Lolo Naldo’s
first marriage.. he had 2 elder sisters named Pilar Panares-Tiu
and Rosario Panares Abelgas both used to be teachers.
Pilar had 5 children and Rosario, also known as INDAY CHARING, had 7 children, only 2 remained= Letty Abelgas Acasio who resides in Davao City and Ann Abelgas- Mante
living in Plainfield,Illinois.
In lolo Naldo’s second marriage after being widowed, he had a
big family. They were Pablo Panares; Conchita Panares-Usaraga;Irving Panares; Luz Panares Imbong.

3. tonettepanares@yahoo.com - July 20, 2010

July 21, 2010

Thank you so much for the information regarding the Children of Bernardo Panares, namely Charing and Pilar were my Aunts, while Rosario and Insiong may also be my relative, Aunt and Uncle with the 2nd wife as my grandmother Bartolabac died and Papa Ponso was the youngest. I have continued the search of my grandmother’s name in Davao. I will be postying this when I get answers.

4. tonettepanares@yahoo.com - July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010

Why am I gwetting answers from Davao?

When We moved to Davao in 1978, Manu
el in the mid ’70’s I taugh at PWC I l;earned from the Education Department and from testimonies of the Hillyland tribes that Panares is a first name to Bagobo and other tribal groups as there was an Agustin Panares, an educator who were loved by the people he taught. They in turn showed respect and honored him with his family name being adapted into their first name, meaning they were part family to the tribal communities in the areas of Toril and Calinan.
My husband Manuel Panares of Cebu Cirty with roots from Naga picked out this legacy and gave honor to the hillyland tribes by depicting them in his paintings, while I started to research of them, and each of their distinct character, as ethnic peoples of Mindanao. \we later showed them as paintings to Cebu, Manila, Pagadian, Davao city itself, and impressed into the mainstream Filipinos, the concept of Filipino rin Kami, subject of his paintings in 1995 mobile One-Man Show that gave honor to the beauty, artistry, and the gentle trait of the Filipino. We pursued this and was happy with the notion that we were able to project our tribasl heritage that ones, Agustin Panares educator, discovered in Mindanao.

vip - July 21, 2010

in the family tree above, bernardo has a brother, agustin, and could he have been the hero of the natives? this agustin had a son, leonardo who became a colonel and whose son in turn, marcel agustin became an air force general. since leonardo was i think based in mindanao, this may be the family.

5. vip - July 21, 2010

but since bartolabac seems also a naga surname, maybe they were married in naga and maybe alfonso was born in naga. have naga checked also.

6. tonettepanares@yahoo.com - July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010

Hi! I have my results from Davao. Rorigo Fernandez Panares is the older brother of Manuel, He said that his Lola Bartolabac’s first name is Anacleta Bartolabac. yes I believe they were from the Naga Brance. Judge Portia Panares Hormachuelos of the Court of Appeals is their Cousin. Barili is another Branch, the Museum Panares Museum has also a Panares, manuel artist musician, quite interesting.

As to the Agustin Branch of Mindanao, is confirmed brother of of Bernardo. We met the Cagayan branch, the build and features look really close to the Panares line of Bernardo’s line. One TV Personality married to Peanuts Panares now deceased is of the Cagayan branch.

What we should do is flesh out the date that you have gathered, so that we can trace and make alive this life line. Thank you once again!

as to the Aleonars, and the Yaps — We have close associates who know them. The mestizo Sangley of Parian is also a link that we can track down.

You can work on the leads that i have shared, maybe we can also explore the panares Line in the US who pioneered Iglesia ni Cristo in the US. Tio Libing? only neckname rememberd, a pastor, there are a lot of Iglesia members among the Naga Branch? Younger and older brothers of Papa Ponso who married an Iglesia then. The Charing Line.

Pablito Mante - August 27, 2014

Tio Libing Panares left behind 2 sons Joril Panares and Alan Panares both are retired from the US Army;The Panares in
Cagayan de Oro are the siblings of Uncle Dick whose kids are
named KING; PRINCESS, etc. who Imet in VELEZ College in
my pre nursing years.

vip - September 9, 2014

what is your tio libing’s real name?

7. tonettepanares@yahoo.com - July 22, 2010

The name of the Cagayan now deceased is late Raul Panares of PTV 4 then, died of cancer. His wife is also a personality in the arts, as Art Educator.

8. vip - July 22, 2010

the Pañares Family Tree given to me listed 13 children of Pablo Pañares and Nicolasa de Gracia. There were also three not in the list but whose names I got from the Baptismal records of Naga–Daniel, Leonarda and Josefa. It’s possible they died quite young. Daniel was born between Catalino and Manuel and Leonarda after Manuel. That’s 16 children!

9. tonettepanares@yahoo.com - July 23, 2010

July 23,2010

Wow, this will need a lot of tracing well, therte might be some relatives who can piece out a lot of info. Thanks anyway, we are moving ahead.

10. junji - September 28, 2010

Guys, where does Tyo Bing Pañares also know as General Pañares of the PAF who retired a few years back, come in here, I’m a little lost where to put him, and I can’t talk to my mom she is a little weak these days now. I think Tyo Bing’s family moved to CDO, which is why he does not know some of his relatives here.

@tonette are you saying you are lolo ponso’s child, is that the Alfonso Pañares who died not long ago? the one who lived in Mambaling?

11. junji - September 28, 2010

just a point of interest from which branch of the pañares did Modesta come from?

12. tonettepanares@yahoo.com - September 28, 2010

It is my husband Emmanuel Fernandez Panares who is the son of Alfonso Panares of Labangon Cebu, he died for quite some time now 1996 August to be exact. He was a retired Custom Collector in Davao but retired and died in the U.S.A.

junji - September 29, 2010

thanks for the reply, I was hoping to create a website dedicated to the duterte genealogy, but still no volunteers on the expenses yet.

I guess I will have a more easier and interactive one at my website for now. anyways, just another question, I want to piece this one out, because there was a Lolo Fonso, in Caimito St. or somewhere near it, and yes I think it belongs to Labangon they live near where there was once a Rubber world company.

I heard he died but never got the chance to go to his wake, is this the same one who remarried, sorry to pry(I’m trying to be discreet), I did not see his name here, I think he belongs to the 6th generation, I saw his name on my copy of the family tree the one that my father made for my mother. I knew him, through his daughter Cynthia who died also somewhere on the 90s.

13. junji - September 29, 2010

I’ve created and dedicated a subdomain on my website for the family tree using a family tree software.

The whole software will make you lost it is very vast for someone new to it, right now it would be best to go here:


Please click on the tree tab, you can’t miss it, you should at least see “Personal Facts…”

Once you are there you can click on the boxes, this is what they call as an interactive tree. Also if you mouse over the immediate white spaces beside the boxes you can click and drag the tree, you can also enlarge the tree by clicking on the plus(+) magnifying lens on the left.

Sorry about this its a work in progress and this has been put on hold for a year now. I’m glad that VIP has at least birth/death years here that way I am much more able to piece them together, without much pain anymore, but its still a long shot, until I’m there.

I’ll be adding this website to sites that lists genealogies, in a hope that someone can help me update.

vip - September 29, 2010

may i offer my thoughts. i’d rather family trees can only be revised/edited by one person or a group of editors. future experience for your site will have relatives putting down well-meaning but sometimes wrong information. it’s best all information goes through a vetting process. many dates offered to me were repudiated by my subsequent readings of original church records. even the pañarés family tree did not have the correct sequence of children that records later bore out.

14. vip - September 29, 2010

another thing. we shouldn’t mistake people’s second names before the claveria decree to have been surnames. i refer particularly to your family tree where guzman is the surname of dominga guzman. it’s not. it’s more like she was named after sto domingo de guzman. so also with romualda fulgencia, and fulgencia is also not a surname. it’s a real challenge what surnames dominga and romualda’s families later got.

15. Cesar Panares, Jr. - November 21, 2010

I am Cesar Panares, Jr. of Barili, Cebu. I’m tracing my roots in Naga, Cebu where my great-grandfather Mariano Panares who got married to Juliana Flores Paras of Barili came from. Before i only knew a little of my ancestors on my father side. He only told me that Panares came from Naga. Now that i was able to read this one, my family tree becomes longer. I was able to know the list of the siblings of my great-grandfather, Mariano Panares. As well as his parents, Don Alejandro Manguera Panares and Juliana Duterte. Besides, i was able to trace the side of Juliana Duterte and her siblings as well as her parents,Francisco Duterte and Romualda Fulgencia and her great-grandfather, Bernardo Duterte and Domonga Guzman. Thanks for sharing the family tree to people who wants to trace their roots in Naga like me. You’ve got a great job.

vip - January 18, 2011

cesar jr, i’m sorry for this very late response, i missed your comment among the mails in my inbox. anyway, if you’ve already forgiven me, since obviously you’re interested in your roots, i have this information in my file for alejandro pañares’s parents as apolinario (pDn: lorenzo apolinario) and emeteria manguera (pDn: emeteria guillerma). there seems to be a pattern to their names in that mariano was mariano alejandro (his father) and alejandro was alejandro apolinario (again, the father) and so, apolinario being lorenzo apolinario, his father may have been lorenzo. just possibly.

meanwhile, i have at least one sibling of alejandro in pio, married to manuela requinto baricuatro. in that 1856 marriage, pio pañares was described as a cabeza de barangay, as was their father alejandro in the 1830s.

16. Romeo Obando Canonigo, jr - February 5, 2011

This is amazing Because I have been searching the ancestry of my father side and he is the only survior of the brothers and sisters. His parents are in this family trees.

my grandpa and grandma;
Emegdio Panares Canonigo –
Consolacion Bautista

My Father-Alive Retired,Davao City Phil.
Engr. Romeo Bautista Canonigo-
Perigrina Manubag Obando
Nathaniel Canonigo..Rockford,IL.USA
Romeo Canonigo, jr..Rockford,IL.USA
Brenda Canonigo Unger..Rockford,IL.USA
Roxane Canonigo Oropa..Davao City,Phil.
Engr.Rolando Canonigo..Stockholm,Sweden
Edna Canonigo Unger..Rockford,IL.USA
Riza Canonigo Sumampong..Davao City,Phil
Peter Canonigo..Rockford,IL.USA
Lourdes Canonigo Sexton,Texas,USA

Thank you so much to all the sacrifices you put on this projects. I finally found here the missing link of my father mother. If any of you as my relatives has additions information of my fathers side please do not hesitate ton contact me. thanks a million!
This is the Family I created lately…

vip - February 5, 2011

i have encoded your info in my file. is your father the former superintendent at atlas? so, ikaw ni jun? i seem to remember you had an older brother nahaniel? if you can remember me, i’m peary, barkada nila eric reyes, etc.

Romeo Obando Canonigo, jr IT Webgraphic Designer - February 5, 2011

Yes its me! OMG peary. i have a facebook pls add me if you have one. and my email: playwell02@hotmail.com You can see eric reyes in my FB and Freddy Martinez…where do you live.pls.pls.lets keep intouch!

Romeo Obando Canonigo, jr - I.T. Webgraphic Designer - February 5, 2011

Ako ni peary si jr everything you said is right! OMG let keep intouch. I have a facebook and invite me.

17. Romeo Obando Canonigo, jr - I.T. Webgraphic Designer - February 6, 2011

correction!!! on my email its playwell01@hotmail.com

18. belynda panares canares - March 31, 2013

hi i’m belynda panares-canares…i’m the daughter of alberto “berting” torreon panares and of guindacpan talibon bohol and luvizminda “minda” aldave panares of olango aloguinsan cebu… we are 3 in the family…my elder brother alexander panares at illinois chicago USA and my younger brother charmion panares at capitol site cebu city…..i was so happy to meet you all guys…. panares live……..panares role….panares power……….

19. Neomedes Panares - April 3, 2013

Hi I’m Neomedes Panares from Pinamungajan. My father is Catalino Panares son of Buenaventura Panares from Sindulan Naga Cebu. I currently living here in San Miguel, Cordova, Cebu.

20. lowell - September 30, 2013

Peary, nga IDPA S.O?

21. Antonio Pañares Bello - April 30, 2014

I’m tracing all my relatives from my father side in Santa Esteban, Ylocus Sur under Pallattao/Vergara clan and my mother side In Cebu of Pañares/ Aguilar/ clan. Just wanted where my roots started and will pray for all our families to re-unite in God’s time under the sun , Ecckesiastically speaking , a time for everything . Ayo ayo and Godspeed.

22. Marivic Chiong - December 5, 2014

Jose Corro Chiong was my grandfather. I think he was a descendant of Pampilar Corro and Filemon Chiong.

vip - December 5, 2014

in my notes, jose chiong’s wife was rosario garcia. are they your grandparents? please fill me in who are their children and grandchildren. thank you so much.

23. Marivic Chiong - January 24, 2015

Yes they are my grandparents. Nine children – Natividad, Dominador, Wilfredo (my father), Arturo, Rodolfo, Rafael, Virgilio, Eduardo and Norma. Natividad married to Benedicto Ybanez the children are – Roberto, Harold, Evelyn, Benedicto, Jr. and Carolina. Dominador’s children are – Conception, Romarico and Rene. Arturo has 3 children – Jocelyn, Joseph and Arnold. Rodolfo has one – Diana Jeanne (she was a BB Pilipinas International (not sure of the year early 80s). Rafael (not sure of how many children) – Richard, Amalia (I can’t remember the rest but I will get the names). Virgilio has 4 children – Marjorie (I will get the rest of their names). Eduardo has 3 children – Maple, Edward and Marie. Norma married to Roger Arao – 3 children – Maritess, Shirley and Mailene. My father married to Lourdes Llorente Demecillo (grand daughter of Martin Llorente, brother of Julio Llorente, the first governor of Cebo) – 11 children – Lowell, Helen, Merlyn (deceased), Edgar (deceased, Bernadette, Marivic (me), Mario Jose, Agnes, Josephine, Wilfredo and Neil.

vip - January 25, 2015

are these the correct sequence of the children and grandhildren?

vip - January 25, 2015

i first got interested when you said your name was marivic chiong because i’d heard of a marivic chiong from my own cousin dicto yap and when you enumerated your family and after you was a mario jose–could he have been the mario who lodged to dicto’s place in junquera (sesame st)? if so, we never knew we were cousins, distant though that may be but still with some common blood in our veins. wow!

Marivic Chiong - January 27, 2015

Yes, I think. I have to get the names of the other grandchildren.

I may have met Dicto. I do know that my brother Mario knew him when he was still in college (USC).

24. Dionesio Panares - January 30, 2015

Hello! I am Jory Panares from Mindanao and as of now I am living here in Italy. My granfather’s name is Francisco. He has 5 brothers. They all born in Anopog, Pinamungajan, Cebu. My aunt who is alredy in his 80’s now recounted her family origin but not in detailed for he don’t know her great-grandfather. I don’t know if they are in the list of names that was mention above. I hope to visit Pinamungjan someday to trace my family origin.

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